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It's Not Too L8te (Feat. Ms. Germ Free)

Chino XL

ouvir : conectando
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(The world is mine!
It's not too late! It...)

[Verse 1]
Yo (let's go in!)
I'll take promotions where it's never gone
Murder rappers in they home, Instagram they bodies from the livin room
The most belligerent as genius but ignorant as killin men
Leavin more grievin widows than a dead Mormon polygamist can
The sin synonym, cinematography, try stoppin me
Ain't that about a bitch like Diana Ross biography
Wildin out like Latin fans at the World Cup
Atlas like "Chino do me a favor, hold this world up!"
Murder my daily notion, no fear is my weird emotion
Straight wolf until my respiratory system barely functions
I'm in rare form, therefore rappers sound like they're four
Spit it sick, hope you niggas took Airborne
I'm Puerto Rican, gas in the chamber like I'm a German
My flow is nappy like Tyra Banks without the weave and perm in
Filmin without a permit, permanent hermit
Degenerate, you swing a Confederate veteran flag and I'll stab and burn it
A freebie, I'll freely end your existance, Chandra Levy
Chances higher than Sean Kingston catchin diabetes
Whatever, it's never too late for hate and controversy
'til I'm in Heaven poppin pills with Brittany Murphy


[Verse 2]
Yo, Chino the odd spitter that's pushin the limits of God's perimeter
I'm misunderstood and feared as Islamic literature
Niggas bitter as balsamic vinegar, my signature's a miniature Dillinger
Erasin the face of a racist senator
Givin lessons how to deliver intestines to delicatessens
With dexterity of Dexter slicin tendons
Holdin the world captive, my rap shit is pornographic
My name is suicidal like Patrick Kilpatrick
You not in my brackets, you can't hack it
You a living oxymoron like puttin a faggot in a straitjacket
Warriors spill blood, prepare for coroners zippin up
"VDRDRDRDR!" I'll put you inside of a wood chipper!
No more homo jolly laughin folly textin smileys
Tears tattoo Chino on them when they catchin bodies
Make every family member inside your house cry
Cause you ain't got the life expectancy of a house fly
YEAH! ...


[Verse 3]
Yo, Chino the driven, the rawest, livin the wrong decisions
Trippin, I'm artistically gifted to the point of autism
Slip it in war wisdom, spit rigomortis 'til the chorus shifted
Put you in a box stiff and then lifted by morticians
Your closest homie loco sippin on Four Lokos
Photos passed around like porno bitches morals that oral me
Then want me to wife 'em like they awful lifers normal, my fight is global
My site is more than plural, I'm sharper than any ocean's coral
It's like I found a portal to another time my mind's beyond
You dumber than Dream cheatin on Christina Milian
They say I'm too strong and I take advantage
Beat you 'til my hands is lookin like a KFC double down sandwich!
Damage your brain, hematomas and teeth missin
Listen, when I'm spittin best to wear a cage on your face like you're fencin
It's the end of days but not too late to be a casualty
I'm known for iron bars, that's why they named a jail after me



Gravadora: Messiah Music
Faixa: 5

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