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90 Bars of Intervention

Chino XL

ouvir : conectando
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I'm known for murking a nigga at random
Get out a Dodge like I'm car jacking you for your Magnum
I walk around like I've got a S on my chest
Sick Side or New West, my minds on chronic and fess
God in the flesh, Bambaataa new best
A nine year old Chino XL, Zulu Nation spitting fire form lips
I try to relax, I fly the Hawaii Pearl Harbor monuments
With eighty Asian friends and ride for the Japs

I'll die and collapse, rather than not splurge a weird word
Perfect perverted spitting sick 'cause I'm allergic to cats
Messiah murderous David Berkowitz, David Koresh
That's ill as it gets, my life is a mess I'm waiting for death
Speak pain 'til the monitors crack, my sonogram was black
You scared like you in the body over Swastika tats
My defeat is like an impossible task you embarrass
Like it's Father's Day and you Omarion's dad

Chino is careless speaking on that lyrical shit
Angry like KRS when he found out Scott La Rock was dead
I'm fearless, I'd rather enlist in a war
Instead of listening to this party like a rock star bowl shit
My brain should be taken apart piece by piece
So no other man can become the same kind of beast
Though in times of famine cannibalism often increase
Off the leash, shots of Thorazine will only increase

I put blood all up inside of the crease of your Khaki suit
They say for an animal my attack's very tactical
The Puerto Rican superhero does his thing
I hate the police so much I'd probably assassinate Sting
My System of a Down - Rages Against the Machine
Tie you up in a Slipknot and hold Alice in chains inside her dreams
Higher than the price of gasoline, God without Zillah
Bleeding kerosene and your the soldier that I'm conquering

I move like Stalin, sovereign in serene
While the governments stocking and doctoring, I'm rocking my following
Eye sockets are hollowing could rob a zombie for Halloween
Drop me in the sea and watch me out breathe and submarine
I was born mean it ain't even a case,
I fly to Canada to ask Céline Dion why the long face
The rap game want me to vanish without a trace bitches
I stack their bodies up like Thanksgiving Day dishes

Lock me down in a basement at Folsom
With just a pen and notebook believe me I would exist all by my lonesome
'I Will Survive' careful the song's approaching
Writing the poison potion smiling 'cause your murder's already in motion
I have no emotion like I'm a Vulcan like an Egyptian sultan
Every word that I have spoken should be quoted
My lyrics revolting but thoughts provoking
Enemies proceed with caution you'll up to your knees in beef you can't walk in

Assassin stalking my shadow, channels and clothes
While I'm sparking a fortune in grass that grows like it's a source of protein
I promised my fans I would never soften, even dead in coffins
Waiting to morph and to reincarnate in abortion
Even the deepest thoughts that I might find myself all lost in
I make sure I force myself into writing some more shit
It's kind of awkward what I brought the planet, anything can happen
No laughing like Mariah's marriage to Nick Cannon

My lyric blessings draw a lot of questions
One day in the booth of confession I was accused of the Devil's friendship
'Cause it's hard for human acceptance, I leave such huge impressions
They do Chino impressions like ventriloquist magicians
Your albums intermission now that I'm put in position
Your bulletins mention you quitting from Lyric Jesus writtens
Divine intervention, my ascension, the high intention
Will rival the Bible's religion or Chris Benoit tripping

Stronger mastery of words than the Earth had intended
Ill as lesbian stripping leaving their children unattended
My Poison Penmanship blemishes, often menaces
Since Genesis been sicker than six exorcist apprentices
I've been restricted, a victim of wicked censorship
I'm hoping God ain't offended and heard the curse of my descendants
I'm out for vengeance, you don't think that could stop me do you
I could go on forever like googling the word google

So put an X on the part of my mind that writes the words
'Cause that's the known murder capital of the rap world
Claiming you thorough but don't want no drama
Or say you wanna fight but then they first in flight like North Carolina
You living off one rhyme than people consider good
A lucky punch like that kid claiming that he knocked out Suge
I tried to reach you for years, I'm finally getting a look
I'm fighting for a chance like a fetus that planned parenthood

I ain't stingy I give it to anyone that wants some
Catch you at your label luncheon, squeezing 'til the gun malfunctions
Now you dying from living off assumptions
Shaking like a dancer clumping, beat you like a Crip or Blood that getting jumped in
Straight out a dungeon, revenge I'm lusting, training like Rocky
To fight the Russian, the shiny Chinese food is getting is dim sum
I got the world wild and mad 'cause I took a Valium
And wrote Dr Dre's whole Detox album


Gravadora: Messiah Music
Faixa: 32

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