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[Geechie Suede]
Now who got what you don't got, Lo do, next verse
My alumni comply will shank high, slide, then curve
On some Suede sh*t, and my ambiance be on some far
Don't you reach kid, you can get vamoose, what's the use?
[Sonny Cheeba]
Well we welling down the whiskey, Cheeba reach the rainbow drive
Towards the Bermuda Triangle with my high
Enter the rocket, foul, friend of the cris-tal
In the Blue Oyster, shooting Zorro to get paid
Fade into the shade, fine moonshine and wine
Now dig what I say 'uh', make me say it one more time
Himalaya playmaker, stashing goods and get the stepping
Seven minutes in heaven, so I gleam the Lina Horne
[Geechie Suede]
This way the Cheeba will prevail, sail Indian skies
My display of Bellafonte` ice, cheeky, it's fly
Got the ravishing ruger, waiver on deck, my sea port
In the regional hydro-park, post card, and get praised.
Hottest M.C.'s, blazing the hemp, limp crystal cool
In another millenium blow the dust off these jewels
[Sonny Cheeba]
Peep the due, laddie, I blow, operation, pacific
If they want it, I kick it all the way to Wakiki
Iron curtain, certain I pull a stocking and skirt-and
Fa-la-la-la, they run, and chill is chiller
Dynamo Duo burnt it, at the Bokeemi heat stroke
Yes Sonny Cheeba with the Satin Struthers make up
Yo G. Suede!
Chorus:[Sonny Cheeba]
How we gonna do it? one time y'all
Boogie to the left and to the right y'all
Why? be the jiggy Camp Lo cats
Pouring Balentines in your palenstines, Check it out!
[Sonny Cheeba]
I put on my shades cause I enter the sunset rays
With the ha-ha, yeah I see you, you see me
Now it's Bye-ya, heat drop from the cah-cah phase
Practice yoga, freezing out, spraying Afro-sheen
[Geechie Suede]
The Lo sh*t be that jiggy sh*t, Jah, get your wages up
Lebanon, off the Henny-Dom, higher horizons
Flagrant, silky step toes don't touch the pavement
Just toss Ice and Bricks, skimmer slick, ace, duece, tray sh*t
My [Bon]ocular, occupy the ocean, off the octagon
The ooohs! and onyx through the opal, Villa Valore
Spilling New Score, the green leaf on it, I pour the meeble
On the fraudulent and galavant, in the Mercury Segal
[Sonny Cheeba]
Call you Sarafina, I throw my thumbalina, up in Dairy Queen 'uh'
Seen her, up in the Beamer with the jiggy fox
Sonny Cheeba, cashmere, no go back to your apple jack
With no finesse in distress
And a full confession, on how you messing, getting funky lessons
>From the Doctor Strange love, apprevesance
See the star and crescents, when I open up that ass
She's in wonderland, and we do electric bugaloos
[Geechie Suede]
Now we here at the frontier, by Suede, vintage out
Cover my square, re-assemble my crooks for assembly
Make note of my mark, east-trace, slice and brace ox
All flam and flamboyant, meet me crossroads, one way zones
If you with it, I'm with it, blow my smoke, claustrophobic
You can get dealt with, on these flats and you know it
Come on!
[Sonny Cheeba]
This is how we do, this is how we do
Check it, check it out y'all, this is how we do
This is how we do, this is how we do
Check it, check it out y'all, this is how we do
This is how we do, this is how we do
Check it, check it out y'all, this is how we do
Lo 'uh', Lo 'uh', check it out, check it out, uh!


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