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Black Connection

Camp Lo

ouvir : conectando
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Peep the story
Sonny Cheeba, Geechie Suede
Check it out
Volume 1 of this joint
I ski in Switzerland
Down in morocco gamblin', handlin'
B.I. for my crooks back in the BX, sex, collect wines
Italian designs, quicksilver
Come paint the canvas if needed but should it be not
Cause everything goes accordin' to plan
Yo killin' em softly
Makin' em cop plea
Blessin' the black leaf
Stakin' with 40 thieves
Now diggy bruh, time to conjugate on my delegates
Shikaka, all of bo daggin', from the tri-borough
In they dime, lita named sunshine
The lower for lana diggy now
Rockin' his pocket flo the mass that
Hackensack, highway to holly for this cashmere
Satin pro, got the somali, rolls on my mind
In france i dance by the moon
Sailin' from cancun, steamin' vega's lace
Limpin' with some delegates that put me on
Capridi scarf around my neck, little red corvette
We got some merchandise to heist
Up in canada we move
Right, right, right
Callin' up the diamond delegates
Black connection
For the sonny cheeba and the suede
Black connection
Got the bronx brooklyn and the harlem
Black connection
All the triborough got the back of black connection
She scored me up, told me rolls are dyin'
Wired geechie suede, be right there
For this caravan, to relieve the bread
Harlem brook bx
Catch the character that snatched the goods
Huggy bear
Put me on to the will on it hit the gas
I got the wire
Ignored it, then poured it real slow in tekida's glass
Her radiance, radiance smilin', diamonds giorgio splash
The suede is aroused and caress and caribbean gems
The squeezin' of jizza is stimulated now on my bend
Lent symphonies, left a crystal rock i copped at tiffany's
She sniffed her arm, let her hair down and paced the balcony
I scraped the well
Dada have her on the score for years, but backed into hawk
Who pullin' shiest manuevers on my camp, yeah
[Sonny Cheeba]
I don't understand, what the f**k is up, where my man
Eat a bowl of hot cock, now sonny cheeba volume one
Catch the mighty bullion cat, comin' out the door, what what
Arby's over top, mop 'em up, juke his monkey ass
[Geechie Suede]
My huggy bear connect, connect
Me cautious, I enter a flamin' scorch, you by the door, moolah
All over the floor time to gather
As much as i can tryin' not to get blam off in a vicious
Get message to cheeba, in need of assistance right now
[Sonny Cheeba]
Then i get the rumble on the hip, i hit her fuzz
Gotta split, give my peeps who wants sober
Suede in town, bridge bound
See the shiesty eyes, filled in double o
This is it, thru the corridor
Hit the floor, time y'all pack it up
What y'all laughin' at
Loose cannons, blaze my hathaway
Shake a leg, into the hallway, vision geechie suede
Coolie high cats
Back to back, bout to see the gates
Twist of fate, ease up into the room, let the guns play
[Geechie Suede]
Avoid the penal in jeopardy with no ammo to blow
But me and my a-c goin' out in less than zero, oh no
Now here come the crooks
Paradin' by storm with the luegers and oar
We conquer ground as usual
Lo empire can never fall
Chorus x 2
[Sonny Cheeba]
Brother joe chi be a part of
Black connection
Sonny cheeba be a part of
Black connection
Cat fabu be a part of
Black connection
Van suede always be a part of
Black connection
And we ride on(laugh)


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