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You Know The Science

Buck 65

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[Verse 1]
If you're anything like me, you probably don't read The Source
Anymore, and miss crews like the JVC Force
Don't stop, show no shame, dance to disco
And you know the baddest DJs come from San Francisco
But be sure to tell DJ Static if you see him please
When you're in Denmark, he was robbed at the DMCs
Shouts out to Swamp and other DJs that were fronted on
And all of those that like to dig for oldies, yo, the hunt is on
I'm always down to make trades for shit with those in the know
I just found another copy of Moog Indigo
I'm on a steady look out for dope breaks, non-stop
All I had to pay was fifty cents at a pawn shop
And when it comes to being phat, the best kind of weight gain
Has to be seeing your name up on a freight train
Moving galleries of steel to show the giants
To the people all over the world, you know the science

Uh-huh, you know the science
Uh-huh, you know the science
Uh-huh, you know the science
Uh-huh, you know the science
You get buckwild!

[Verse 2]
I got the hip-hop holy ghost in each one of my body parts
The needle to the record, cos that's when the party starts
Hard rocking, it is hell and no way to live
All the time, I don't wanna dwell on the negative
Oh no, cos I be the self-fronted low
Professional DJ, 1200 Hobo
Crew member, nomad, down to show alliance
To those that's in it for the love, you know the science

Uh-huh, you know the science
Uh-huh, you know the science
Uh-huh, you know the science
You get buckwild!

[Verse 3]
Rhymes to the beats and showing no signs of going soft
Gimme a mic and I'm gonna start showing off
I hustle coast to coast and represent the Sebutones
While I write my rhymes at high noon and finetune my own style
Cos every now and then I talk shit and curse and swear
Whether I go first or last, I'm no worse for where
And I combine scratches and complicated compositions
On the radio, on records, or at competitions
High powered going left to right, and you can switch the role
33 to 45, maneuvering the pitch control
To get get my daily dose of arty rock to feel revitalized
And bless the microphone for the gods I've always idolized
I pledge allegiance to the beat box and the enthusiasts
Especially the ones that are hard to please and choosiest
I gotta keep hope alive for those who show defiance
Hip-hop, as a religion, you know the science

"You are not alone. This is the language of on-again, off-again:
the future, and it is digital."

compositores: Buck 65


Gravadora: Warner Music Canada
Faixa: 8

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