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At The Left Hand Ov God

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o, Serpent and Lion!
I invoke Thee!
inside the shrine called life
by the seven wonders
by myriad mortals
that gone
and are to come
outside desert ov restriction
in act ov rebellion
on the sea ov motion
stability ov matter
by serenity, strength and beauty
by the mighty chant ov every breath

in serpentine dance ov blood cells
in simplicity ov spells
divine names, meta-games
I greet Thy presence

oh Snake! Thou art God!
coiled underneath my throne
with Thee I reunite
with blood we make this covenant
myself I redefine
look in and above:
there is more than the flesh
look careful and Thou may see
the unextinguished flame
the nectar ov Thy rage
I taste from the cup ov fornication
and woman by my side
and scarlet is her skin
she's eager to rise
and so eager to please

another day
another eternity gone
and on the stairway to salvation
I walk alone among the falling stars
looking for company
where art Thou?
oh, lacerate ones!

bass lead: Orion
lead: Nergal
lead: Seth

arise! my sweetest friend
or be forever fallen
we have finally arrived
from prison ov this life
to Kali's womb
down to the earth
as angels ov almighty god-
'tis our last fall
to touch our mother whore
the harlot ov the saints
that spits on the rotten cross
incinerate the icon
the symbol ov all loss
to stand straight
at the left hand ov god

Samael! be Thou my ally!
join me among the bright hosts
wondering neither way ov light
nor darkness
ov which seed
sprouts dispassionately
in the summer ov my life

Evangelia Heretika (Live)
Gravadora: Metal Blade Records
Faixa: 10

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