Slaying The Prophets Ov Isa

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ascend as empires burn
conquistadors ov the promised land
like the sons ov Anak
They shall rise from beyond the dawn
rise as victorious trumpets call
Chimera, Geryon and Thee oh Sphinx!
accompanied by Mars
Jupiter's rays in fearless eyes unrestrained

bring forth the iron rain!
bring forth plagues on an ever failing race!

lead: Nergal

Thou shalt restore the splendor ov Sodom
personification ov Gommorah art Thou
iron-willed marching on ahead
with passion enraged threats torn asunder
fill my veins with liquid iron
armor chest and head with shining gold
that I may shake the fragile earth
may my will forever be unrestrained

bring forth the iron rain!
bring forth plagues on an ever failing race!

great architect
charlatan ov fairy tales
Thou hast failed
since the hour bastard spawn
who was vomited forth
from a gasping wound ov a whore
father, forgive me not
for I have sinned
now tremble and fear
and mercy have not upon me
begotten son I am not
adversary ov Thy love
the outcast ov Thy paradise

as one we stand!
divide and conquer!
and we shall own this fuckin' earth!

lead: Nergal
lead: Seth


free will brought us to the threshold ov the universe but public ostracism is not the worst punishment for being autonomic and a free thinking individual. we are who we are, no more, no less. the outsiders ov society, the "filth ov democratic illusion. but does that bother us? not at all. do we even care? fuck no! nothing can darken our bright vision that leads us to illumination, to redefinition. to this sacred place where we can recreate our ethics that from now on are based on instinct, knowledge ov the true nature and life experience. rejoice my brethren! we've never been closer to the truth. we are free to project ourselves the way we want on the map ov infinity.

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