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the all prophetic incantation
I was here before the beginning came
and I am the one to come after all myths and gods
remain I shall beyond the end ov days

I pity Thee not oh self despising slave
Thy self contempt filled with disgust
cast aside Thy scorn ov the earth
until I lay my wrath upon the Thee I shall...

eat the weak!
fuck the flesh!
slit the throat!
consume the dead!

lead: Nergal
lead: Seth

drowned in empty black
attempt to embrace my universe
I learnt how to crawl through knives and thorns
drowned in alienation
I drag myself through the mud
hatred injected, abhorrence accepted
when mankind fall prey
I shall arise!

lead: Nergal

and Great Dragon from my mouth emerged
and all the treasures ov this world belong to me
in the sweetest inorganic embrace ov my devotee
I pledge my dagger unto Thee

blessed with the promethean rain
tranquility I may find in bottomless pits
I shall carry this darkness on my back
'till the day all the suns eclipse I shall...

eat the weak!
fuck the flesh!
slit the throat!
consume the dead!

once visiting Krzysztof's lair in London I found "Prometheus Unbound by P.J. Shelley in his library and I was literally blown away. being inspired by Milton's prose throughout most ov Behemoth's history I found something thematically so close, stylistically similar yet very fresh and inspirational. it's obvious that "Prometheus Unbound made a great impact on me during process ov writing lyrics for "The Apostasy. the term "Prometherion is a neology and is a combination ov two words: Prometheus and Therion. lyrically the song envisions the way people deal with harsh conditions and difficult situations. it's shocking how much human beings can be subjected to yet still find release from the chains ov taboos, dogmas and paradigms to see the light in complete darkness. determination might be the most driving and inspirational force in life.

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