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I Don't Care

Audio Two

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[sample of Milk saying "I don't care" repeats w/ variations]

Yo, my name is Milk, when Milk is on the mic
I say all the rhymes you MC's hate
I really don't care what you think or say
I gotta bust a rhyme in my own special way
Giz is my brother, mom is my mother
Dee is my father, you say why bother?
Because they put me here on this earth
Lyte is on my side and she is worth
more to me than you, forget your crew
It doesn't matter what you say, or what you do
I'll keep on rockin, I roll too quick
All you groupies make me sick
The King is my boy cause he's down with us
First Priority's the label, that we trust
I really don't care if you're big and bad
I'm makin more money than you wish you had
Girls step up if they know what time it is
The left to Milk, the right to Giz
I never throw a mic cause I have respect
And when I come, I come correct
To my left to my right I have bodyguards
And in my wallet, credit cards
In my pockets, hundreds, and more
I give it to your mother, cause your mother's - a stunt
I really don't care if you're gettin mad
I call you son, son, you call me dad
I never take drugs, I like to drink
milk, it helps me grow and think
like a champ, suckers I vamp
Soggy MC's will always stay damp
In my presence, and in my residence
I keep keys to my car, I go real far
to pick up my money
I think it's dope, you think it's fun-ny

[sample of Milk saying "I don't care" repeats w/ variations]

But, you, never ever bothered a brother like me
I have too much personality
When I produce, you say it's def
I'll pan it right then I'll pan it left
If I want I keep it right in the middle
You look puzzled, it isn't a riddle
It's, a rhyme, one, of mine
One of a kind, girls say we're fine
What's on your mind, you said I'm through?
You must be stupid, the Audio Two
is here to stay, every day
It doesn't matter what you think or what you say
We'll keep on rockin, keep on shockin
You'll keep lookin, starin, and mockin
Milk style, my brother
You're, a fighter, I'm, a lover
And when I'm at a jam I'm always undercover
Unless I get paid then I do, a show
When I'm finished, I always go
I got speakers, the size of your girl
Boomin the room an', shakin your world
Bigfoot feet are very big
If you're a sucker he'll help you dig
your grave, or maybe he'll save your life
Mike shot the sherriff, I took your wife
Yeah you look mean but it don't mean nuttin
You got dissed with the push of a button
You paid your quarter but the game didn't start
It broke your money and it broke your heart
I stepped up and the game, begins
In this situation I surely win
I am the Milk like the milk you drink
I don't care what you say or what you think
I'll keep on movin, keep on slayin
Groovin MC's that think I'm playin
On, the mic, my style, you like
If you don't then leave..
And I'll end this jam with time to breathe, boy!

[sample of Milk saying "I don't care" repeats w/ variations]


Gravadora: Rhino Atlantic
Faixa: 5

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