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Giz Starts Buggin'

Audio Two

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I like the girls (4X)
I like the girls with the real long hair
but if it's medium or short, I really don't care
As long as it's clean, it makes Milk happy
Whether it's red white blue straight or nappy
Real white teeth are somethin else I like
If your teeth are yellow and I say hello it's just a SIKE
No I'm not conceited, I just know the time
If you say 'Rock Milk' and you stink, I won't rhyme
It's not personal, I just hate the smell
Everytime you come near me, I have to yell
Step to the left like Jeff my boy
And when you leave I jump for joy
I tell Giz, he tells a friend
but before I know it, you're back again
Starin in my face cause you took a bath
Then Giz starts buggin as I start to laugh

Sometimes when walkin, around the way
I quietly hear, suckers say
'Milk makes no money', what are you a imbecile?
I'm makin more money than your parents, ever will
No I'm not braggin, I'm tellin the truth
Simply buggin on the suckers, that have no couth
Standin on the corners, pullin out knots
Sayin I got more knots than you've got
People like you, I call em idiots
If you say you don't I'll call you a hypocrite
No need to pull out knots on my behalf
Cause Giz'll start buggin as I start to laugh

I took your girl cause your girl is fine
Once she was yours, now she is mine
As long as you know, it makes me proud
You thought you was chillin, movin in the crowd yes
People like you, make me strong
You tried to diss and miss now Milk is on the next song
Don't even try it, you know the deal
I am the Milk and, I am for real
So don't even look or you'll feel my wrath
And Giz'll start buggin as I start to laugh

I like people, who like Giz and I
That is the reason, I always try
to cool with the groupies, the troopheads, the troopies
Don't even try to buy Gucci's from Poochies
Cause if you do, it will be a mistake
I'm tired, it's time to break -- peace


Gravadora: Rhino Atlantic
Faixa: 6

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