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I wonder why
And I wonder why
Bad things happen to good people, you know?
I mean we all gotta die I guess, huh?

Uh, I wonder why these niggas hatin on me
Probly the reason most them bitches waitin on me
Shit, they just tell me kill them with success my nigga
Still wonderin why my daddy wasn’t a father figure
Just the thought of thinkin bout it makes me fuckin mad
Did my mama proud and put her right into that latest Jag
She cried a hundred tears, I prayed a hundred times
I wish my grandmother could see this with her own eyes
I’m wonderin why God took her but I’m not one to question
Conversation with my niggas on how we came from nothing
I wonder why this world is crazy, babies having babies
I wonder why these women shady screamin he should pay me
Go to court and they get half, I think that shit is crazy
Now you forced to give that crib and that new white Mercedes
I’m wonderin why I love my niggas but I don’t love these hoes
I’m sinnin' behind closed doors but only Lord knows
Truth told my savior is 7 0’s
But who knows? I’d rather die with a rich soul
Wonder with Mitt Romney ever felt neglected
Since Obama’s last election
You might not like it but they will respect it
Another fold just as we all expected…
I got many questions
I wonder
I wonder why 4-50 had that
Take that trip to North Carolina
I wonder would he still be here with me, you know?
I miss my nigga anyway
I wonder why

I wonder why the good die young
I wonder why they hatin where I’m from
I wonder why I never gave a fuck
Made a couple mill but that shit ain’t enough
I wonder why these rappers tryina steal my style
All these wannabes are like some circus clowns
I wonder why I lost my daughter Lyric Star
Why them complications happened to her heart
Got so many questions, not too many answers
Lost so many niggas, granny to the cancer
I wonder why I got a crazy ass baby momma
Every other day is like some kind of fuckin drama
Wonder why these people out here sleepin on me
I wonder why the money turnin people phony
I done seen some niggas turn against they homies
Funny when I was broke them bitches didn’t know me
Shit is fucked up, sister having tough luck
Wonder why them pussy niggas mad ‘cause I came up
I just copped a new crib, Aston on the way ho
Pocket full of pesos, made nigga – case closed
I wonder why these hoes love a nigga
Prolly ‘cause these diamonds make that pussy quiver
I’m gon fuck her good and she gon cry a river
Bad yella bitch and I’m in love wit er
I wonder why, I wonder why
As long as niggas hustle let’s go multiply
As long as niggas hustle let’s go multiply

I wonder
You know
I don’t understand how niggas can
Chase women but not money
I wonder, you know?
How you can hate on another man
Provide for his family
Maybe it’s just me
I wonder though, you know?

Oh shit shit shit my bad
I wasn’t even payin attention
Shit go ahead, one more time with that

capa do álbum Starvation 2 de Ace Hood

Gravadora: Hood Nation / EMPIRE
Faixa: 7

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