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Rider (Feat. Chris Brown)

Ace Hood

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If I call my baby
She pick up the phone every time
At the the drop of a dime
That rider

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Your girl don't need any kind of lover
Be the right kind of lover
Be the kind of girl
Make me want to turn you to a mother
And I promise, promise, baby
There'll be always and forever
Yeah, we'll always be together
If you show me your ambitions of a rider
(Your ambitions of a rider)
If you show me your ambitions of a rider
(Your ambitions of a rider)

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Would you ride for me?
Would you die for me?
Had no money, would you still love me?
If I got jammed up and did a little time
Would you still be the woman who gon' hold it down
Through the hard times
And the cloudy days
Would you stand strong?
Would you run away?
All the bullshit, and all the heartache
She still ridin' with a nigga since the first day
Her ambitions of a rider
She would be around if I never had a dollar
She would be my nurse if I ever need a doctor
Bonnie and Clyde, she never side with the coppers
Never break code, forever be loyal
Never break ties 'til we buried in the soil
If it ever go down, she trynna go too
Down for whatever bullshit I'm going through
She's my backbone
Nothing like that feeling
When I'm in her so long
Passion and that loveing that between us so strong
Grippin' on that ass, she just tell me "hold on"
She could be the wife, maybe one day
Have a few kids go and travel out the state
She gonna ride or die for a nigga 'til the grave
And I hope it never change


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Need a down bitch for a real nigga
Never lied to her, keep it real with her
Got her own money, but she a go getter
She allergic to them broke and the ho niggas
Rule number one is that it ain't none
Probably make shawty my wife when the day come
Nothing like a pretty lady who can roll up
Them other hoes, yeah they mad, so what?
Me and you for life, team us
Big face rollies, you can get the same one
I'm in that Mulsanne, you in that coupe, what?
Ain't that many people 'round that I do trust
You the last of a dying breed
Ride for me baby, everything is guaranteed
Anything you ever wanted, or ever need
Turn life out of any dream
I mean that, keep it 100
When I need that, she gon' come runnin'
When I fiend for it, give that ass to me
Never tell her no, she get the last from me
If i get jail, gotta go to court
She be right there, need I say more?

[Hook x2]

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