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Remember Nights

Ace Hood

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BL keep 'em busy
Got it on Smash
Aye, Benjamin he got benjamins

Don't ever lose your way
Please don't ever lose your way

(Oh, Uh)
I can remember nights
Daddy left with no advice
Still I had to roll the dice
Noticed there was more to life
Soul search and sacrifice
Mind state's paradise
Sick of taking advice
In the mirror staring back
One only humble homie
Never play me think you know me
Blesses in me and it's on me
Momma told me she don't know me
Heartbreaks and heartaches
Trying to keep my drive straight
Trying to clear my mind space
Why you chose the hard way?
Life - we live and we learn
I been defeated so much in my life
And it's like I don't ever deserve
Waiting on moments that may never may come
Which is why I'm so ever preserved
Fuck who they want me to be
I'm enlightening 'em here to inspire the curve
Inspire the world

You know how I'm rockin'
Whenever they see me I'm shinin'
Perfect my timin'
The pressure turned me into a diamond
Into a lion
They be lyin'
They be selling you false tales
You ain't peep out the details
I want all mine
I'm from the gunshine
Where we pray for the sunshine

On the front line
Nigga when it was crunch time
You ain't never been chastised
Nigga yes I'm
Full of resentment
Shit is ridiculous
Real ones
Gone in an instant
We need redemption
Pumps itchin'
Nigga so gifted
Everything shifted
How they gon' kill a young nigga like Nip?
How they gon' do a young nigga like that?
I'm losing so much in faith in the people
I feel like my people ain't even attached
I see the world through a different perspective
I'm trying to be better, no holding me back
I put a whole 'nother 3 in a wrap
I put this healthiness rap on the map
Just trying to highlight a way out the trap
I hear that chatter but never react
I was out in Sweden chilling in the sweetest
Me and my lil' sweetie booted like a beanie
Rub it like a Genie, she in her bikini
Know they want to be me
Know they want to be me
I ain't even mad at that (mad at that)
Rise up out of your habitat (habitat)
I just picked up a party pack (party pack)
I might bring the Porsche back (I might)
Sound like the horse attached (It do)
I did the dash in fact (I did)
Can't get the timing back (Can't)
Where your emotions at? (Where?)
Don't let it hold you back (Don't)
Don't let it hold you back, hold you back

(Hmmm, yeah)
Don't ever lose your way
Please don't ever lose your way
Please don't ever lose your way, yeah
Please don't ever lose your way
Don't ever lose your way
Please don't ever lose your way, yeah
Oh yeah, please don't ever lose your way
Don't ever lose your way
Naw don't ever lose your way, yeah


Gravadora: Hood Nation / EMPIRE
Faixa: 7

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