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Got Damn (Feat. Plies)

Ace Hood

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Oh yeah?
That’s how you feel, huh, young niggas?
You gon’ pull up in that ma’fuckin’ foreign right there
Went bare in your ma’fuckin’ pocket with that bitch?

Goddamn… goddamn
Why you do ‘em like that? Goddamn
(What you mean?)
How he pull up in the Porsche, 911, oh lord
With a bad bitch with me and her ass all for it
Goddamn… goddamn
Hundred-thousand for the Rollie, goddamn
All these diamonds in my chain, 30 bottles on the way
KOD in Magic City, pissy, K, I’ll make it rain

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Steppin’ out tonight I think I’m ‘bout to make a movie
Drophead Phantom whippin’, bumpin’ Lil’ Boosie
Bitch, I got a check I just might buy the whole club
Twenty-thousand dollars I just call it showin’ love
Big money nigga, caught a milli on the jewels
Ballin’ like a bitch, I made the ESPN news
Oh boy, you can never play me for a fool
Keep a Mr. Fix-It with me, that’s who keep the tool
I say “now good lord, look at shorty there, she all ass”
“Bet your money she gon’ fuck me for that brown bag”
I said I’m too gone off that liquor – turn up, nigga, you trippin’
And peace to rockin’ my system – blue-tinted watches, I’m different


[Verse 2: Plies]
I was in the trap, cracker kicked the door
I was in the room, I was beatin’ a hoe
Cracker asked me “nigga, where the store?”
Told him “probably in Alaska, cracker, where it snow”
Hit Crummers, I’mma buy a hundred shares
And give it all the way to all of y’all niggas
Got a funny feeling I’mma whack me a rat
And get on TV playin’ crazy like “I don’t know what happened”
Asked me did I fuck his girl, I told him I don’t remember
Now did she suck me? That’s a strong possibility
Hit him with the nine and got his shit back
Ten racks, pussy nigga, and I’ll sell your chain back


[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Okay, now fat black Meryl bitches call me Bruce Wayne
Crib big as Wal-Mart, nigga that’s a shame
And I keep a shooter, call that boy Dwayne Wade
Most them niggas pussy, lucky I don’t call names
Catch me runnin’ up in that, Lord have mercy, thank you Jesus
Probably with a freak, her name Tanika, she a skeezer
Order more bottles, tell ‘em more rosé
Dope boy swag, gold rollie and some J’s
I be wildin’ on your niggas – stylin’ on your niggas
Go and cop a whip and then I Instagram a picture
What your money like? What get your cheddar up?
My paper long, bitch, etcetera, etcetera


capa do álbum Starvation 2 de Ace Hood

Gravadora: Hood Nation / EMPIRE
Faixa: 3

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