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Goin Down (Feat. Meek Mill)

Ace Hood

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Real niggas came to party
Ace Hood…
Real niggas came to party

[Hook: Ace Hood & Meek Mill]
I say Lord, have mercy, all I wanted was a Beamer
Had no pot to piss in now I’m livin’ thankin’ Jesus
Now my Rollie flooded I’m not talkin’ ‘bout Katrina
Know I run my city, couple thousand from my sneakers
It’s goin’ down (it’s goin’ down)
It’s goin’ down (it’s goin’ down)
Burn the kush, on some rockets, goin’ down (it’s goin’ down)
It’s goin’ down (it’s goin’ down)
It’s goin’ down (it’s goin’ down)
Bad bitches bring the whips it’s goin’ down

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Okay, happy birthday, nigga, every day I’m getting’ cake
What’s the day? It’s Tuesday, bitch I might blow 100K
Fuck that nigga, they sleepin’, it’s a must I raise the stakes
Can’t play with a nigga, no way – my drop is white as mayonnaise
Holy shit, better watch your bitch – Frito Lay, gotta stack them chips
Keep that tool on depot shit, and I keep two clips if a nigga do trip
Boy you talk, I get money – ridin’ around in that new 600
We them young niggas on the block who run it
Evil Knievel, bro, we stuntin’ – okay
Millionaire nigga, I got diamonds on my dick
Boy, my swagger dope, I’m talkin’ 20 kilo bricks
Just bought me an Aston and it came with a Spanish bitch
Diamonds got me froze like a PS3 glitch

[Hook: Ace Hood & Meek Mill]

[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Okay, I go in in my beast mode – rappin’ niggas I eat those
I tell a bitch take a deep breath then bend on knee like a free throw
I don’t want me no good girl, ‘til I fell in love with these freak hoes
In my bedroom, I’ll make a movie, it’s starring me with that Li, rogues
I ball hard like D-Rose, my stash on ‘posit
Racks all in my pockets, and these rats all at the Pots Inn
I got rats all in my conscious, money all in my mind
I got shooters on my team, and they’ve got bodies on their nines
Look at that bad bitch right there – see the body on that dime?
I ain’t swimmin’ in no hole, you know I’m probably on that grind
All these niggas hatin’ on me – but I ain’t on that time
Stab me in the back, nigga – and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout Psy

[Hook: Ace Hood & Meek Mill]

[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Okay, let’s all say a prayer since my swagger’s such a killer
Might just buy your chick and give her that dick filet for dinner
Nigga don’t want no problems, pistol pop you’ll get this figure
Lookin’ at all my diamonds, it ain’t hard to tell a winner
Goin’ down… goin’ down…
That potato on the barrel, no sound
You see them foreigns?
You see we touring?
Me and Meek Mill the realest niggas born

[Hook: Ace Hood & Meek Mill]

capa do álbum Starvation 2 de Ace Hood

Gravadora: Hood Nation / EMPIRE
Faixa: 2

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