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Ball 4 Eva

Ace Hood

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Family that's oft together
hustle together, got rich together
wish you ball 4 eva
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
I pray we ball 4 eva.
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
I pray we ball 4 eva.

From the bottom to the top I came so far so I neva stop
product in my block what a glock in the..whip em locks,
round in the Maybach and we way back how we're looking for far
how the fuck I'm getting this, diamonds call for couple bricks,
pick the rollie on my wrist, I understand why niggas piss
got no time for niggas hatin', I just make some reservation,
when they come down to my niggas ain't no sense of hesitation, no
champagne sipping every night is moving ..
hope up in that coop you know that bitch si go to missin
too much liquor, bad decisions, we're just living like f*ck the moll,
hit the club and buy it out, like f*ck the bar,
see them pretty fancy cars, better know what's us.
and my niggas do the same thing,
I give em a job and they give minds to same way,
I pray that we ball forever, we all on the same page,
look, how far we came

Started all broke, penny in my pocket,
tryin to live a dream, accumulate the profit
now we're getting money, Monday through the Sunday
on another level, my niggas
I pray we ball 4 eva
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
I pray we ball 4 eva.
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
I pray we ball 4 eva

I'm ballin my religion, piston my super vision
flood in Jesus pieces, sorry I'm superstitious,
we them niggas who dreamt it, foreign what's neva end it,
chop it come extended, for pussy niggas pretended,
all these niggas we love and then hate
government ain't when I walk int he bank,
ballin bitch Lebrain in the paint
still I ride what have for..
most these niggas claiming they real,
and when them hard nights and then feel,
meeting my dog got jam, hear what a couple niggas for sale,
now I'm riding off in that asty, kick a whip in that Porsche,
India off in that .. double U, your next move is that Forbes,
young niggas, young niggas, fuck boys can't run with us
talk toys, you dumb boy, that glock kick like it 4 real us,
ain't two shows in one day, see reclimb no PJ,
take a look in my niggas face, oh Lord how far we came,
went from struggle and from finer things,
now is platinum things and start it off.


Money and the power, get it by any means,
real niggas do whip things,
I say you're counting all this paper
bitch we're living the dream,
real niggas do real things,
I pray we ball 4 eva
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva eva, 4 eva eva
4 eva, 4 eva eva
I pray we ball 4 eva.

capa do álbum Starvation 2 de Ace Hood

Gravadora: Hood Nation / EMPIRE
Faixa: 15

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