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Beautiful People (feat. Chuck D & Mama Ferg)

A$AP Ferg

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We got our ways, but ain't we human beings too?
If our lives don't matter, no lives matter
Thus life is our future, dying is unacceptable
Living for what we believe in is life itself
And that in itself is beautiful, iight

Beautiful people let's take a second and think
We continue these issues our ship will drown and we sink
This is nothing political this is so we be sync
Stick together forever and we'll weather the rain
We'll weather the storm, let's try to move on
Build a better community, so our children be norm
Transform from arms and bombs like Vietnam
Teach your kid how to eat and teach your kid how to farm
Watch what you put in your body so you can live it long
Mind, body and soul in tact, proud and you strong
This rap ain't no lap it's more like a marathon
This track ain't no track just something I set it on
Live life in harmony, put love in your arms
Forgive to receive the blessing of peace and calm
Just a product of Malcolm X and Farrakhan
Martin Luther and Marvin Gaye came all to do a ghetto song

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
People, people, people, people
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
People, people, people, people

Beautiful people can be defined by
Her hair, her eyes, her body
Beautiful people
Beauty is behind the surface
It is the soul, the spirit
That lies beneath the soul, the skin
It is the power of that beauty that holds us
That strengthens us
It is the way we dance when we wanna cry
It is our mind that creates the definition of the beauty
Clear your mind, clear your body
Reach for the strength within
We are all beautiful people

All my beautiful people, all my beautiful people
I'm the ghetto apostle, come on, follow I'll lead you
Tell them put down the pipes, liquor bottles and needles
Treat your family right, your mommy ain't gonna need you
Grandma, auntie and cousin, OG told you about thuggin'
But he ain't amount to nothing, he on top of that oven
Then on top of that corner his little niggas be drummin'
Blicka-blocka they buck then they finna hit you with somethin'
[?] with him as they finna open your pumpkin
Popping your collar pimping and this ain't nothin' 'bout stuntin'
If you ain't talking thuggin' then you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'
Bullshit, I'm the pope, I think I am onto something
I wanna empower people, wanna empower people
White, purple and yellow, and all of my browner people
We can be positive, don't let negativity kill you
First start with your friends then move a whole town of people

capa do álbum ALWAYS STRIVE AND PROSPER de A$AP Ferg

Gravadora: A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records
Faixa: 11

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