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Yeah, a lot of you people look at me like
"Who the fuck this nigga think he is?"
Lord Ferg the Second, the Fergenstein
All the trap lordians stand up, yeah

Hi! I'm Fergivicious
Tall bunch of bitches man, I'm Fergielicious
Riding with a bunch of little trap villains
Turn it up, leave you ass on the ceiling
Fuck your opinion nigga, I be killing
Pimping white bitch on the penicilling
Getting all the bad bitches I be feeling
Think a nigga trapping? Yeah, I'm drug dealing
Hit her with the crack pipe get her lifted
Take a little sip-sip of my drip-drip
Fuck a litle trill bitch 'til my dick limp
I love the way you lick-lick on my dick tip
Riding in the Bentley, you in a Civic
Fuck your main broad 'til she on my friend's dick
4-5-6, yeah, my niggas tripping
Shout out to the max and my niggas cripping
A$AP Q, yeah, my nigga cripping
Marty with the Mac, yeah, he blood dripping
5 point star for a thug nigga
'Bout 2 keys for the [?]
White gold teeth cause a nigga don't sleep
Nightmares I be a pro cause I'm seeing OG's
Bitch coming at me cause I'm dropping [?]
She can get up on a nigga for about a couple G's

All I know is pain
Surviving on my own

Hey, Joyde! Hi, twin!
Thinking 'bout my goddamn father again
White girls see a nigga in Medusa lens
White girls see a nigga cop his first bands
White girls see a nigga pop his first band
Only bitches love me tryna get up in my pants
Riding in a limo with a bunch of fake friends
Who be only around me cause I make ends
I feel the pain for my bro cause his dad died
My daddy gone too my nigga, that's life
But them niggas did it up in they past lives
[?] with crystal nigga right
Bet them niggas dressed up in them white suits
Rhythm and the blues in a white coup
Spit it through a cloud with a nice boo
Daddy, Anna Nicole probably like you
Ahh, I'm so vicious
Riding in a coup with a bunch of killas
Are you gangbanging, man? I couldn't see it
Like twisting up your fingers in a [?]
Put 'em in the water with a bunch of fishes
Watch a frog leap were his fucking chin is
Are you popeye? Eat your fucking spinach
Bunch of young trap lords and we down for sinning
A$AP Soul, that's my fucking nigga
Young Tarzan, that's my little nigga
Crawling in them bitches like a caterpillar
The bitch can't be all in my Hilfiger
Flacko join in, he a trill nigga
[?] be that real nigga
Nasty Baby want to kill a nigga
All us together the illest niggas

All I know is pain
Surviving on my own

capa do álbum Trap Lord de A$AP Ferg

Gravadora: A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds Music
Faixa: 5

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