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Unnatural Born Killer

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Okay, okay

I'm  pullin' that chopper out that driveway, the tires leavin' prints
My  denim is bloodstained still, last night was a close range hit
Bar room is emptyin' smoke, billowing from the chimney tip
Back wall of the concrete drips, Creek Water in the flask, it get sipped
Okay,  these bitches acting rude, bandana is tied on my head
Got  a knot in that knapsack, hangin' out the side, you see red
Opiate Taylor is trashy, Slumerican born to be trashy
They  took my ass to the city, I just don't know how to act classy
Black feather hangin' out that hat, just so them punks see me comin'
From a tribe called broke, so I'm not breakin' or runnin'
Fuck all that racism, bitch, and who the fuck you roll with
I'm  a white boy from the South, but I'm on some new South shit

It's unnatural
I'm unnatural
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born, (Okay, okay)

Okay, that cigarette is burnin', inhaling secondhand smoke
The paper walls of the trailer dilapidated and broke
There's Dickie suits in my closet, back to the same old shit
And I'm either flippin' that weight or your boy is hittin' a lick
My chain done fell off the sprocket, rims all crooked and wobbly
But I can't quit while they watching, so I gotta keep rollin' and rockin'
Drive it like I stole it then drop it off, let 'em hold it and chop it
Gotta get my cut like a pocket knife for the bucket off top, and yeah
Bitch, to the rim, no more fishin' for brim
I'm 'bout to take the great white, go make soup with its fins
I ain't got time, bitch, I'm tied up like no loose ends
To the fake motherfuckers around me
I need no new friends, that's unnatural

Yeah, I'm unnatural
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born killer
Unnatural born

Ghetto Cowboy
Gravadora: Slumerican Records
Faixa: 2

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