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Almost by accident, have become rich
Through continued reward for skilled labour in the private sector
And a genuine lack of interest in expensive things
It appears I have become rich
And since I have become rich
I've been constantly living in fear of losing everything
That the bubble will burst and falling from my perch
I will return once again to the life that I used to live
With the things that didn't have before I had become rich
It appears I have become rich (Rich)

I put a pinch away each week in a place my hand wouldn't fit
So I cannot reach it, it is made of solid steel
A square foot deep with a slit, no bigger than an inch
One day, when the seams split in such a way that cannot be restitched
I will scratch that insatiable itch and buy the whole hospital
And everything in it (In it)
Because I am rich
It appears I have become rich!

You twitching like some headless bird
Whilst the witch doctors poached for the stragglers in the herd
Pitching for business down on skid row
The line goes out the door, and you're right at the back
Man, two more poor kids dead in a ditch
I fucking love being rich (You can't pin that on me)
It appears l have become so rich (So rich)
It appears I have become so so rich
I'm literally drowning in it
But no matter how little I've got
I'II never lose the plot, on top of the hill looking out over the valley
You can see for miles and still get shot
The farmer doesn't want his cOWS getting what the other cows have got
He keeps his livestock stock stuffed in his sock
That's why he's rich

It appears we've both become rich
It appears we're both, both very, very, very rich
It appears we've both got gout
It appears we have no shame
It appears I have become rich
It appears I have become rich

Lord forgive me, have mercy on my soul, never
No one ever tells you how tough it really is
Please teach me
How to be both modest and how to be rich
I've done some terrible things because I'm rich
Looking for opportunities in ventures that are bound to bring the silver rain
Sure it's a rush being kush
But then again, life is a bitch
I've become so rich
And people hate you for it, people really hate you for it

It appears I have become rich
You run a real risk being rich
It appears I have become rich
It appears I have become rich
It appears I have become rich


Gravadora: Universal-Island Records Ltd.
Faixa: 1

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