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ouvir : conectando
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So here we are under London's glass
And grenat arms as they reach for the half-moon
Me a blood of boldness and booze
And the rusty heart pookadot breeze of you
Stand stuck to this tree in cool shoes

What could possibly go wrong?
What could possibly go right?
We could list all the good things and list all the bad things
But if we're all just vibrations
What difference does it make?
My heart could be a stone
It's a sponge
It's a balloon
It's a lonely rock with a fiery tail
Falling in your atmosphere
Bonding up and breaking down
So let our atoms melt together
Let our nuclei converge
I want you now
And your conscience can be clear
My yesterday is dead
The present's an illusion
And tomorrow is just a nightmare away
This is our story, our movie
This is our rom-com and it ends like this

Without looking up, the girl cautiously takes the boy's hand
She steals herself and meets his gaze
The boy smiles
The girl surrenders
They kiss

We pull away to the (??) lovers
In a long winter coat
A woman straddles a man on a wooden bench
Behind a coin-operated lavatory
Two boys passionately embrace

There is a couple at every doorway

capa do álbum Infinity de Yann Tiersen

Gravadora: Mute
Faixa: 10

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