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Right On (Clean Version)


ouvir : conectando
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[Verse 1]
ya had it, ya lost it, ya fleeced it, ya flossed it
henny-spell brew, now ya comin up off it
he brought it, he rolled it, he passed it, you smoked it
now ya fucked up off some weed mixed with coke shit
ya love her, ya hate her, ya fucked her, ya raped her
25 or life cos ya can't control your anger
it's heavy, it's deep, it's solid, it's weak
hears people say about your record in your street check it[verse 2]
Be careful watcha wish for
ya fuck around ya get it, i get it, i had it, i spit it, i gettin wished a minute
so where my niggas at, what part of the game is that?
I pay my dues now nobody tryin to pay me back
and if i did, i'd probably have as much as shaq
my life is the movies so listen to the soundtrack
it's what it's all about, ya better stall me out
I feel the aim with the name you niggas callin out[Hook]
If ya feelin how i'm feelin and yo ready and willin
then come to the table and put it together
who doin it better come bounce wit me (come on!)
you can smoke a whole ounce wit me (right on!) take 'em out
If ya movin how i'm movin and ya chosen and proven
so lose the illusion of top-guns due to confusion
come bounce wit me (come on!)
you can smoke a whole ounce wit me(right on!)[verse 3]
I'm tired, i'm hungry, you're lazy, disgusting
ya lay about the house and ya never do nothin
ya seen it, believed it, you planned, conceived it
whisper me the bullshit, bitch i don't need it
you cheated, YOU cheated, we cheated, so beat it
eat it like a dick bitch, you two concede it
you broke it, replaced it, i slammed it, i chased it
hands in the air if ya love gettin wasted baby[verse 4]
you've never seen this before
you better come and get it
u wit it, i'm wit it, i'm busy baby, u fuckin wit it
is it your place or mine?
don't wanna waste your time
yea you can get it how you want it it'll blow your mind
it's overtime to your pride in the public grind
i hit from behind, and leak you when i break your spine
it's what it's all about, you better stall me out
it's just a game wit a name you bitches callin oooouuut[Hook][Verse 5]
pop it, drink it, float it, sink it
plan to stop me then you better re-think it
drive it, use it, pimp it, abuse it
shit muhfuckers do the hip hop music
i'm livin, i'm dyin, i'm laughin, i'm cryin
pop to a knees bitch let’s start flyin
I love it, I taste it, I touched it, I faced it
Breakin down the bullshit, back to the basics[Verse 6]
I had to kick in the door, that’s how I had to get in
I shittin with lyrics and getting betta so fucken print it
Getting gangsta wit it, the best that ever did it
Hittin and quit it my nigga you shouldn’t babysit it
We need more MC’s and less wannabes
360° of reality
that’s what it’s all about, killin me haul ‘em out
nothing to aim, with the name you niggas callin oooouuuttt[Hook]



Gravadora: Columbia
Faixa: 12

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