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Temporary Loss of Reason

Words Of Farewell

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A longing deep inside like a smoldering fire
Only to be suffocated by circumstance and relation
Its smoke taking your sight, blinding your eyes
Slowly your anticipation of the future is leaving

It winters within you, nourishing on your pain and distress
Until one day it eats you up from the inside

Cast aside all useless trappings you wear
And wallow in this euphoria for a moment
For soon this sensation will cease
And rationality will regain control

Set again, the perception is sinking in
Free for but a moment, bound for a lifetime

A smile on your lips and the taste of blood on your tongue
Ever so slightly you give in
To the apprehension of consequence
Weary have you become, tired of these iron bars

Suddenly the flames are growing higher, swallowing the cinders
and burning up the surface, your very substance
Bursting out, your thoughts dwindle and instinct takes over
resulting in a temporary loss of reason

Adherent of devoid the defeat turns into a rancid emotion
To give birth to another impulse of rapture
Over the years and through the tears
These feelings will fester
Until the growing despair sends out sparks again
“For all good things are wild and free”

capa do álbum The Black Wild Yonder de Words Of Farewell

Gravadora: AFM Records
Faixa: 7

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