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Wiz Khalifa

Revenge and Cake (Feat. Curren$y)

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Sweeter than sugar, sweeter than love
Sweeter than sugar, sweeter than love
Sweeter than sugar
Sweeter than sugar

Uh, follow me as I get high
And I ride in a car I just bought but I’ll probably never drive
I heard it’s easier that way
My weed is getting stronger, My Visa’s getting straight
My whole team is getting cake
Call us leaders in the game
Niggas follow ‘cause they need us
Ain’t just wannabees, they wanna be us
That’s why they throw our gang up when they see us
Rolling planes up, hear them niggas who the same
But they ain’t us
Took my success and I shared with everyone next to me
So they sayin that we came up
Got some fried weed and some niggas down to smoke
So we all gon be high as can be
At that point you aspired to be
Hermes belt, I’m the flyest degree

Sweeter than sugar
Sweeter than sugar

Uh, the view from my lair
I have a married woman playing truth or dare
At my crib, cleaning rooms in there
So many shoes you’d think I’d buy my shoes a pair
A fuckin fool, hide up with Pittsburg pimpin
Ever since my old crib splittin ounces
Go ahead from Chinese fool to flights unwinding
A 2 week cruise excursion, far from the madness, splurging
Learned about school but getting sting ray sea earchents
Do from my own head, sayin what they would’ve done for the OG’s before HAM
They like half niggas, young skin
I’ve been through hell and back, fill another tank for another spin
All the way out there going in
Cash pouring in, gas pedal’s to the floor in them
Vintage wheel historian
Open the garage door, fin to bring another in

Sweeter than sugar

Sweeter than sugar, sweeter than love [x14]

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