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Falling to your knees again
It's the same old tired trend
Is this everything you are?
Cause it's everything you've been
And it's the same old story are you bored of this?

I see you float away from yourself
Fall like an autumn leaf
Is this everything that you want to be?

Is this poison?
(Are you where you want to be?)
Is this poison?
(Is it everything you need?)

And now I see your eyes ignite
But only every second time
Oh it's the hours inbetween
They're the hours that you'll fight
And I can see you falling, bound and crawling yeah

I see you float away from yourself
Fall like an autumn leaf
Fray the stitches and sell
and sow it back to me
You sand your prints to the bone
I watch your fingers bleed
Is this everything you want to be?

So put yourself together and go learn to be alone
A bite that tastes of poison and a feeling that you're home
But you've been gone for some time now
Find yourself and learn to let go

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