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GetMeDoe (Feat. 2 Chainz)


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[Hook: Wale]
Get me doe, get me doe
Where your hood at nigga, get me doe
Get me doe, get me doe
My nigga let 'em know where y'all from
And tell me where y'all from
Hol' up tell me where y'all from in here
Tell me where y'all from in here

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Long hair, I don't give a fuck
Last night I prayed that God would make a Bentley truck
Get the bucks quick as fuck and I got my semi tucked
But if I pull my semi out, Aflac, you better duck
Ask me where I'm from I should tell you no lies
So many niggas with me you would think I work for Verizon
Ok enough with the lyin', you know I'm tougher than iron
And everything I do it big I'm talkin' Christopher Wallace
So much money on me that it won't fit in my wallets
And these are Rock & Republics so it won't fit in my pockets
Swagger on a trillion so you divide it by five
That mean it still on a billion, survive like Destiny's Child
Turnt up, word up, chains hang to my sternum
Favorite room is my kitchen, I came up with the yola
You know I live for today, and I'mma do it to death
I'm so fresh I spell South with a F


God damn 1-4 we see y'all in here homes, god damn
Hey 106 cool down mane, cool down slim, the fuck man
Hey, tell me where y'all from

[Verse 2: Wale]
Look, motherfuck that other side, motherfuck that other side
Shittin' on these niggas must been something in that humble pie
Look get me doe, somebody get me doe
The broad call me daddy, she call you get me those
Ralph doe, up top to the south doe
Fuck all of that back talk wherever I go I make the cap go
Crack flow without trap doe, still stackin' my racks doe
Since old days I got them out the way, like 640 at a back show
Waddup MoCo, my old home if you don't know
How I ball like number 10, me and lil' Muhammad that 1-4
Get me doe, 40 ?
Shout out Mayfair, this city cold, y'all stay fair
Word up, chain go for a hundred
To a drive-by out in quarters, Bowie State no alumni
Bennett park out to Buckhead, in the Chi with some youngins
And since J. Wall came to town, I know some cats in Kentucky


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Gravadora: North Clayton Music
Faixa: 5

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