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Now is the essence of my domain
And it contains, all that was and will be
And I am as I was and will be
Because I am and always will be, that nigga
I am that nigga
I am that nigga

I draw first blood, be the first to set it off
Niggas been taking my name lightly, they ain't like me, they don't know who I can get involved
Have Chairman dead it all
They get a little cheese, become rats, or end up blickin' themselves they Cheddar Bob
Price on my life, I'm worth my weight in gold
What's ten racks? I spend that on wing tips at Comme Des in Seoul
Sharks wing plate with the lemon pepper
These jokers get too deep in character man, RIP Heath Ledger
V tape and the V for Vendetta
Smokin' a Garcia Vega in Bottega Venetta
I'm too real for TV, stupid me
Only talk to TMZ 'cause I wanted niggas to see the suit was Dries
How the fuck they gon' cancel you?
When you got two bitches kissing in Venice at the Whitney Biennial
That's why they call it the biennial
That was Bella Hadid dress I had on now she got on my Amiri shoes
Niggas act like I quit fuckin' bitches
Like I ain't in Paris three times a year stunting on you niggas
Like they forgot who brought me in this business
Ain't talked to Ye since he been religious, all my Dior is still a Christian
I sacrificed for the greater vision
Sometimes you gotta pay the ultimate price to make niggas pay attention

Still alive I'll tell you niggas a million times
This a FAQ, fuck all your questions
What's up with all the weapons?
Can you stop getting arrested?
Please forgive me, I know not who's kid I affected
We might get hit with the RICO, my niggas just so reckless
Had threesomes in Sweden at Four Seasons
Way I run it up, think I need me a orthopedist, yeah
I'm saucin' like Uncle Remus
The brain was so cold, I had to keep on the Moncler Genius
What up to Corey, Leaders, Sir and Madame, Fresh Goods
Smoking dope in conversation with Vivienne Westwood
Mensa, Mansa, Musa
Present, past and future
Fans say I been missing like I crashed in Bermuda
I pack a Ruger 'cause the shooter be the man that knew you
On my block kids turn to stone like a black Medusa
These losers tried to put a hit on me
I matched that fifty piece, started a dispensary, I'm a different breed
I really got niggas faded
Could've been smoked for a pound like D.A.R.E. make me feel guilty I made it
Talk to James on the phone daily
He twenty-six in Dixon, they don't want him out until he turn eighty
That's why I ain't patriotic, leave that to Tom Brady
Show in Dublin, I get Irish Cream, nigga, not Bailey's
Raised in shark infested waters, where it's next to lawless
Stray shots, make you a black carcass like Maxine Waters
Or leave you crippled, no Calvin Broadus
Sons and daughters never met they fathers, they look up to rappers and ballers
I stopped hanging with artists, they don't meet my standards
We all in designer, y'all just cut from a cheaper fabric
Shout out to Virgil, Kirby, Jerry
I came out of nowhere like I was the first born of the Virgin Mary
Lunch with Lena Waithe in Silverlake, Bellini sofa dinner dates
Pacific Palisades flipping real estate
Kerry James Marshall level of mastery
I start a lot of waves, watch niggas jump on it like Apache
All I ask is credit where it's due
They cut they teeth try to compare to you, start eatin' and embarrass you
Scorpion and the frog parable
Niggas gon' tear you down because it's in they nature to, it's terrible

It's terrible
2020 Vision


Gravadora: Roc Nation Records, LLC
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