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Irie (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

Ty Dolla $ign

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I wake up and roll some dank up with my niggas
I got on the phone and caught up with some midgets
I got dressed, I mixed the pussy with Versace
I smoked a joint and took a BR, now I'm irie

I'm irie, I'm irie, I'm irie
I'm irie, yeah, I'm irie
I'm irie
I'm irie, I'm irie
I'm irie, I'm irie
I'm irie, I'm irie

[Verse 1]

Went on in Brooklyn I see runners through bodegas
Don't be no grudge, but homie, I prefer papers
And I got love for the Mets but it's still Lakers
I turn my music up, fuck my neighbors
I hit JFK, I'm going back to Cali
I got some og kush from San Fernando Valley
My nigga Beezy on the way from 'County
We keep supporting, damn it, we from grass valley
I got a bad bitch riding shotgun with the shotgun
Pocket full of money and some condoms
I'mma drop your bitch back off when I'm done
Hope you make your bitch get in the shower
That's your bitch, she my bitch, too
She let the homie in, too
Niggas be coughing while their bitches fucking
My nigga, that ain't nothing new
I'm the nigga that your bitch come to
When she wanna cheat on you
I hella be tripping, too, but I got my bitches in you


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
I'm still in the gang, it gets so hot it's irrational
When I pull up in first class, it's international
I know some ratchet bitches and they rep the North side
We ain't smoking on that pack unless it's certified
Glowing by the zone, nigga, worth the grown
Smoking on that strong, give me dome while I'm on the phone
Take you to my home where we zip it up and pack it
Roll them joints up big as fuck, they tell me smell my '.
This young boy gonna live it up
Pass the loud, you'd think that I smoke flavors
No bitches in the hood that don't smoke papers
Ain't tryina heard 'bout what you mean because I got it
It's on the plane cause I can't leave a trip without it
Claim you smoke more weed than me, I really doubt it
If she wake up and roll a joint that mean she 'bout it
And rest in peace, go to my nigga right
Now we call it KK and we smoke it all day
Straight to the face, fuck what the police say


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