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Rap Time (Feat. Hawdwerk & Bishop Lamont)

Trek Life

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Ladies and gentlemen it’s Rap Time

Stupid yo, realest shit I ever wrote
No hustle, why they forever broke?
How many dros does it smarter than you?
I need a deep dryer, about to beat drops with yall
From the east to the east, we really in the west
From the east to the east everything will be classy
Anyhow, my style is kinda fat and they say I’m for real Trek
We don’t call it work dot com, uh

Stepping out the motherfuckin dark matter
I see numbers and I talk data
Though the beat in my heart’s battered
Moving at the speed of the planet’s orbit
Breathing oxygen and absorb it, breathe it out and transform it
My DNA’s prehistoric, push it up and encode it
Mixture up to a dose who consume it bet they can afford it
My mind is full of files, it’s only I who can sort it
So let me say exactly who I am
I’m West Coast dreamin nerd with bad timing with words
Just got dressed and already spilled shit on my shirt
Just a nice guy, but all the ladies think I’m tryna flirt
I wish I knew what it was so I can know how it work
A book worm, who hooked phonics and good herb
I could turn this verse into something you could learn
After research but at the research I’d rather teach work
And I keeps up the same color as before

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Rap Time

Your albums are dope rap deficient
Them beats sound like they eatin yo ass alive
I swear to God you shouldn’t have a fan in existence
Yall don’t wanna see my tribe like we cannibalistic
If you put any microphone in my hand
I’mma rip it straight up infirmary style
All my soldiers is the illest with no cure or vaccine
Man, we villains
In your system, taking over like addiction
And like this word Egyptian, that’s no pun intended
You went for this but now your campaign is winded
Try to buy the love, spendin cash on the friends’ list
But that can’t cover up the fact that you ain’t gifted
Me, I’m like Christmas, Hanukah Aquansar
Since yall daily mane, I’m kinda like yo father
Kiss ass beyond ya, give yall GI J’s and Jane Fondas
Broken down career’s the part of yea

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Rap Time

I kick the hottest shit ever seen
Systemizing scene empire, verbal bit is part him and spit Greek fire
I be the emcee that emcees secretly admire
Blessed by the Messiah dressed in regular attire
I live in God’s attic, from the roof I’m even higher
So let’s get yall, turn my foes into vegetables
And stir fried if the weapon blows
Yea, my demeanor is a cross between the great white shark and the grim reaper
I whisper death through your speaker at low frequencies
See frequently the hoes frequent me, creep with me
If she missin I might know where yo bitch could be
Huh, I’ve been grind with layer
Probably where I lay er
Out in Maui, blew all this round me
Waldorf Astoria – where you clowns ain’t be
I’m overdue this, celebrate it
10 years up in this bitch and niggas hate it
I’m just warming up incinerated
Hot til I’m sizzling, pop, I’m hot, you fizzling
Yo career’s slowing down like it’s on Ritalin
I begin extend what you faggots end
Demise, what’s this grabbing me?
New reign of terror, bring the whole world catastrophe
I’m so fly, bird flu,
Make you sick of me
You niggas make songs, homie, I make history
Been ready, preparation brings victory
I’m legendary, you rappers ain’t sick to me

Ladies and gentlemen it’s Rap Time

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