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Not Today (Feat.Sen Dog)


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Fuck no, not today. No chance, no way.
It's my life, my say. Fuck no, no way.

True love is the bill's and a gun.
Can't stop, won't stop till it's over and done.
What it looks like, I ain't the one.
Hard times gettin' worse, and it's only begun.
I push a cadillac, gold biarittz
I got everything you want, don't ask me for shit.
I fucked your girl. You should ask about me.
But it couldn't get worse, it's as bad as can be.
Hypocrite, you do it the same
I don't give fuck though, it's part of the game
I go for mine, I go for broke.
I pack a 9', let's smoke.
You want to do it, we can do it, let's go.
You's a punk motherfucker, get done like a ho.
We roll dice, life is a gamble.
Make me a million dollars, make you an example.

Fuck no, not today. No chance, no way.
It's my life, my say. Fuck no, no way.

I got punk rockers all around me.
I got friends who understand me.(What)
So my enemies, they can't stop me.
When the hard times come my friends stand beside me.
Ahh, Check it, my technique is flawless.
Ahh, Wreck it, a fucking lawless.
Sharp as a fox and your flawless.
Judge told the verdict, said "the transplants are timeless".
Get back bitch, run for cover.
Lyin' snitch, watch you stutter.
T-plants, there's no other.
One for one and all my brothers.
I live my life like there's no tomorrow.
I don't give a fuck 'cause that's my motto.
So listen up man, won't you here me now?
Roll with skins and punks and criminals.

Fuck no, not today. No chance, no way.
It's my life, my say. Fuck no, no way.

It's my life, my way.
Everybody does what the fuck I say.
I represent who'se from back in the day.
Real gang bangers from the south of LA.
Keep your mouth shut, cuz I don't wanna hear it.
All the negativity bringing up my spirit.
Matter of fact, don't even come around.
Cuz I don't want people looking at me like I'm a clown.
I'm serious dog,left you out of business.
I motherfucking kept the pace. Can I get a witness?
I ain't hearing but you telling me.
But when I find you standing, you look like the enemy.
Stay back, put your back, keep your distance.
Mac dog been known to set track from a distance.
Don't you take this funny or lightly.
Might cheef, or cut, and rip a fool that might try to fight me.

Fuck no, not today. No chance, no way.
It's my life, my say. Fuck no, no way.


Gravadora: Epitaph
Faixa: 1

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