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Love My Style

Tony Yayo

ouvir : conectando
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these hoes dont love me, they love my benz, love my rims, love my style,
these fiends dont love me, they love my coke, love my dope, love my ink,
these haters dont love me, it dont matter to me, i stay hater free cos imma down ass g,
cos if i dont make dollars, then it dont make cents, if it dont make dollars, it dont make cents.

[1st verse]
im in town dog,
mexican brown dog,
im signed to interscope,
im grims a c-note,
500 cokily add to a kilo,
id rather be rich, than snitch nigga out cold,
my crack in sinthostat,
drummers with hunny hats,
my bitch from d.r,
switch em with bigger stash,
movin my work, jus for some boots n a skirt,
i was loose but she complainin it hurt,
ice skatin on ice,
i got these crack heads, scrapin the mic,
late at night, bitch be shakin her dice,
runnin from feds, like i had jerry rice legs,
cos the dope and the rice come from pac and them plant eggs,
its the top shotter that rocked prada, that rhymed proper,
in high school i had ex in my gym locker, locker, locker, locker.


[2nd verse]
im a sneaker addict,
drug fanatic,
i live lavish,
got more carots,
that bunny rabbits,
i plant 'marry i',
courtyard groupie's lurkin,
an them niggas wit no pussy is always jerkin,
an niggas handcuff hoes like female cops,
i got ma wrists all froze, so the COs drop,
ayo em drink malibu, dre drink henny, banks drink baileys and buck drink remi,
im on the 7 a glock like, im still smellin musty, leavin barcelona for some argentina pussy,
ye man g-unit stunts it aint nothin', million dollar deals cos our fans dare hustle,
i stay stuntin, my glock stay pumpin, 58-58, i got my cell phone jumpin,
t-o-n-y the talk of new york, blowin dro in the 6, on the way to court.


[3rd verse]
you in the CBA, im in the NBA, its the rap t-mac, i stay with a gat,
click clack, i sit back n watch my soldiers attack, ya rhymes a snitches, homie im dealin with fact,
keep my car out the sun so the paint wont fade, n if my jewels dont shine its time to upgrade,
imma ball till i fall, niggas cant ruin me, from platinum plaques, wall to wall jewellery, i love my style,
hoes scream my name, its tony yayo, a cats scowl in the game, see niggas wanna kill me like sindy in scream, but i pack the mac-nilly wit a infered beam,
ayo im on daily like freddy in the dream, n my chains so heavy, it spotted to my splean, u front on my team, ma niggas will finish you, automatic
traypound will fuckin diminish you


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