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The Ballad Of Gary Hart

Tom Paxton

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Who's that running down the alley in the dead of Friday night,
As he zippers up his trousers in the inky, slinky light?
Why, of course, it's good old Gary, leaping over someone's fence,
Yes, it's Gary - Gary Hart - I wouldn't leave you in suspense.
He likes going out to parties, he likes being in 'Rolling Stone',
And he ran things for McGovern, so I guess we should have known.
He likes warm and willing women, he likes being where they are,
He couldn't sing, he couldn't dance, but he just had to be a star.

So he went into the politics game.
Oh he went into the politics game.
Warren Beatty told him, Lookee,
You can get a lot of nookie,
If you get into the politics game.

When he landed in the Senate, Gary started making hay.
Gary started making nearly everything that came his way.
He liked taking a position, but when all was said and done,
Gary's favorite position was the missionary one.
Kennedy was Gary's hero and he studied him with care,
How he stood and how he walked and even how he wore his hair.
But the thing that thrilled him most and made him swear he wouldn't fail,
If he made it to the White House, think of all the chicks he'd nail.


Well he met her at a party and her name was Donna Rice.
She was Gary's kind of women, she was pure Miami vice.
She thought he was Gary Collins and could get her on T.V.,
She suggested 'Monkey Business', and the rest is history.
They caught him making whoopee and the campaign had to cease.
He came back and tried again, but now he's gone to find some peace.
He's gone back to Colorado for a little while, and then,
Just as soon as he gets horny he'll be coming back again .

He'll be running in the politics game.
He'll be running in the politics game.
Warren Beatty told him, Lookee,
You can get a lot of nookie,
If you get into the politics game.

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