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My Favorite Spring

Tom Paxton

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I used to play baseball. I used to love to play.
The people all said I'd be a winner someday.
We played on the sandlots and the gravel school yards
I once had a tryout with the Satin Louie Cards.

The Cardinals said, "Young'in, we sure like your arm."
We believe you can make it. We'll send you down to the farm.
You need a little seasonin', play a little double eight
We'll give you a chance to show how much you want to play.

That was my favorite spring. I could do anything.
Full six feet tall and lean, I was just seventeen.
My fastball was nothin' but smoke. My curve ball snapped and broke
My change-up made 'em look bad. They couldn't hit a thing I had.

I was pitching down in Tampa. I was doing really well.
I was in the rotation. I was giving 'em Hell.
I threw a two-hitter, ought to heard people shout
The very next morning Korean war broke out.

On the spur of the moment I didn't have any plans.
I went and joined the Air Force. I wound up in Japan.
I pitched for the squadron. We toured all the camps.
We didn't have any problem. We were all Far East Champs.


I was throwin' a no-hitter the day McArthur got fired.
They were going down like ten-pins. I really had 'em wired.
Bottom of the seventh throwin' easy as can be
Something snapped in my shoulder. That was all she wrote for me.

Well I finished up my service and I moved back down here.
I married a fine lady and I found a new career
We had us a young son and we watched Jimmy grow
And the first time he asked I taught him everything I know.

And this is my favorite spring. He can do anything.
Full six feet tall and lean, He's just seventeen.
His fastball gives 'em the shakes. His curve ball snaps and brakes.
His change-up makes 'em look bad. People say he takes after his dad!

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