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Third Day

Take It All

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All the promises IÂ’ve broken
All the times IÂ’ve let you down
YouÂ’ve forgot them
But still I hold on to the pain that makes me drown
Now IÂ’m ready
To let it go
To give it away

Take it all
‘Cause I can’t take it any longer
All I have, I canÂ’t make it on my own
Take the first, take the last
Take the good and take the rest
Here I am, all I have
Take it all

All the roads that lie before me
All the struggles I go through
Every second IÂ’m reminded
That it all belongs to you
Now IÂ’m ready
To let it go
To give it away

Ever since I died to myself
You gave a better life to me
I give you my finest moment
I give you the last breath I breathe

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