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Third Day

Still Listening

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There Was a Time When I Thought That I Had You Figured Out
I Told You Before and I’ll Say It Once More
Now and Then I Have My Doubts
I’ll Never Pretend to Know What You Are Doing
It’s True That You Move in Mysterious Ways

I Looked For You in
The Fire and in the Wind
But You Weren’t There As Far As I Could See
I Thought I’d Hear You Shout
But Then I Figured It Out
That All Along You’re Whispering to Me
And I’m Still Listening

Just When I Thought That I Had Caught a Glimpse of Who You Are
You Taught Me a Lesson I Needed to Learn
Right From the Very Start
I Never Will Be the Man That I Quite Need to Be
But That’s Alright ‘cause You’re Enough For Me

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