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Third Day

Give Me A Reason

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There Must Be Something Wrong With Me
I Won't Stop Taking Chances
It's Nothing to Do With Apathy
I Can't Take no For An Answer

Give Me a Reason
Why Do I Do It?
Would You Believe It
If I Told You a Lie?
Give Me a Reason
How Could I Do It?
The Truth Isn't Easy
That Much I Can't Deny

The Question Still Remains the Same
On Who Can I Place All the Blame?
The Demons, Devils of the World
Or Is It Only Myself?

There Is Something Definitely Wrong
With All of Us
It Would Take a Miracle of God
To Make Things Right
There Is Something Wrong Here
With All of Us...

The Answer Lies in Front of Me
Confirmed By God's Own Spirit
It's in the Pages That I Read
How Could I Ever Deny It?

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