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Can't Stop (feat. Kanye West)

Theophilus London

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[Refrain: Theophilus London]
To grow old in my arms, oh, girl
Take all, can't stop, my love

[Hook: Theophilus London] x2
Can't stop, you can't stop
Can't, can't stop, you can't stop my love
Can't stop, you can't stop my love

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
Everything she was doin' was cool, but it ain't Ralph though
Might have gave me head in the pool, that ain't your mouth though
Might have caught you clappin' every Sunday at church
You still ratchet cause they play your favorite song and you twerk
Designer purse on your arm, 'bout the size of a duffle bag
And them brand new titties cost a couple racks
Feelin' on a girl's ass with a troubled past
Chainsmokin' every day, at least a couple packs
You know I always hit you deeper than a baritone
Bone you with my jewelry on, that's a herringbone
Hotter than Arizon', fresher than aerosol
These condom rappin' ass niggas wasn't ever raw
It's aiight but it ain't Ralph though
And unless your money talkin' keep your mouth closed
We smokin' indo outdoor, in Palo Alto
If this party ain't got hoes, my intro's my outro

[Hook] + [Refrain] (simultaneous)

[Verse 2: Theophilus London]
Please spend the night forever
The silence in my room is louder than kaboom
Let's skip the north freeze for the southern breeze
The grass is always greener when there's bumblebees
She said to bring the flower seeds, I'll bring the pumpkin seeds
Shorty on the German foreign shit, she fuck, recede
We set alarm clocks just to wake and bake
She cooked up a salt fish and I fry the bake
Dresses by Margiela, lookin' so heavenly
She one step ahead of me, jewelry by Jenavi
Start sittin' by the lake, don't have no enemies
We'll have epiphanies, take you to Tiffany's
Wake you up early when the boat leaves, baby
Call you on the dock, you can smoke trees, baby
Livin' that life, you up in the air
Don't care, you can't, you can't stop it, baby

[Hook: Theophilus London] x2

[Refrain] x2

[Hook] + [Refrain] (simultaneous)


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Faixa: 9

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