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The Daylight Between Us

The Wallflowers

ouvir : conectando
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Well, the men were drinking wine and the women, they'd split
To smoke French cigarettes
We'll do a couple rails and sit around and bitch
Lie down and get sick
In the morning there's a line of ashes in the sink
And bruises on her lips
The candles that were lit had melted on the cake
As if they were over it
Now she's looking for the dog and a last hit
For water and a first aid kit
But it used to be еnough to taste it
But that's before wе were always wasted

Oh, in the spring of '09, oh, baby got straight
Was getting only half baked
I get a little high, what difference does it make
If you do or you don't relate?
It's true there is a light that comes on when I play
Your sweetheart, the runaway
But I'm never more than fine and you're not nearly brave
Enough for the war I'll make
And I feel like a soldier in this pit
With you, a lion that won't quit
But when I was in love I would make it
But I only want you now when I'm wasted

We were living in the house we bought in '01
For ninety-seven down
The car was on blocks, the wheels were on the ground
Been a while since they'd seen town
Oh, she was lying in the hall, her fingers in her gloves
Couple of years past young
She'd either given in or maybe given out
Or a little of each of 'em
Now I pour myself a drink and I get dressed
Rate the horses and place my bets
I want her back more than she'd guess
But mostly I just wanna get wasted

If there were any second chances left
Chances are they would get wasted


Gravadora: New West Records
Faixa: 10

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