The Turtles

Eve Of Destruction

ouvir : conectando
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The Eastern world it is exploding
dont you understand what im trying to say
think of all the hate there is in red china
violence flaring and bullets loading
and cant you feel the fears that im feeling today
then take a look around to selma alabama
youre old enough to kill but not for voting
if the button is pushed theres no running away
you may leave here for four days in space
you dont believe in war but whats that gun youre toting
there'll be nowone to save with tha world in a grave
but when you return its the same old place
even the jordan river has bodies floating
take a look around you boy
its bound to scare you boy
the pounding of the drums the pride and disgrace
you can bury your dead but dont leave a trace
hate your next door neighbor but dont forget to say grace


but ya tell me over and over and over again my friend
ah you dont believe were on the eve of destruction

yer my bloods so mad feels like coagulating
I'm sitting here just contemplating
i cant twist the truth it knows no regulation
hand full of sedatives don't pass legislation
and marches alone cant bring integration
when human respect is disintegrating
this whole crazy world is just to frustrating

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