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The Kinks

Somebody Stole My Car

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That's life in the big city
You beg for mercy but you got no pity
Low-life zero mentality
Vandalized victims of depravity
Fast food, take-out mentality
Where the dogs eat the dogs
And the innocent bleed
The city can't cope and the cops don't care
There's fear in the streets
It's a jungle out there
I don't want it, don't want it
Don't want it, don't want it

Somebody stole my car
Somebody stole my automobile
They ripped off the radio and sold the wheels
And if it's happened to you
Then you know how I feel
Somebody stole my car

somebody stole my car
I left it parked outside of my home
It had a new A/C and a cellular phone
And I'm as sick as a dog
'Cos I'm still paying off the loan
Somebody stole my car

That's life in the metropolis
Living on credit and overdrawn interest
Craving commercialized commodities
Everything advertised, stirring up greed
Everyday I wonder why
Everyday I can't get away
The city's in debt, up past its ears
Yet we still borrow more
And pay it back next year
Now I'm paying for a car that I no longer own
And the next time anybody offers me a loan
I'll say I don't want it, don't want it
Don't want it, don't want it

Somebody stole my car
It's just been cleaned and I've just had it taxed
It had brand-new stereo speakers in the back
And I call up the cops
With a panic attack
Somebody stole my car

Somebody stole my car
I bet they're riding around and running red lights
Got chicks in the back and ballin' all night
While I sit at home
Getting more uptight
Somebody stole my car


Don't want it, don't want it
Don't want it, don't want it
Somebody stole my car
Somebody stole my car
Somebody stole my car

That life in the metropolis
Possessions mean nothing in a world like this
Some punks wanna ride and they see my car
So they take it, shake it
Burn it up and break it
Hey, that's my car
Somebody stole my car

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