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Where would we be without the sand and the sea?
Without a little help from the birds and the bees?
My family tree depends on the future of a plea, I get down on my knees
Now's our time to release and make peace with our conscience
We wanna break through, and set a precedence; a new way of thinking
Can you walk on by without your cold eyes blinkin'?
Blind for the past we're goin' too fast never meant to last
Live for the present, won't live to relent unless we prevent
The destruction of our Mother Earth
What is she worth to the birth of our future generation?
Don't go blind

Trust yourself to make your own decisions
Judge the hype and make your own precisian
Create a concept put it into context, like a moth craves the fire
You crave for the lies to be exposed 'cause it's fear of the unknown
The young to the old and as the lies unfold, you get the picture right
See everything in a different light
White may be black and black may be white
So focus on the locus ' cause the conscious may be bogus and they mean to divert you
But you know they can't hurt you the more they attack
The more you hit them back, you have the power of luck
Don't let them cover your tracks
So get on get on the case, a quest to be fearless
Not a trace on your face

Don't go blind

From the flesh to the soul
From the cradle to the mo'
Make it work make it grow
Compton to Mariero
Sold on the concept of peace and hope
Oh, brother don't show your negativity
It only ever leads to increased poverty
Lay down the law no more war naive naive we all know the score
And what's in store, "fight the power," what does it mean?
Parental advisory stickers, keep it clean
Fight for your right and bite to the bone, get up on your soap box
Say it on a megaphone, sell your hopes and aspirations
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Gravadora: Columbia
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