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The Garden

Have A Good Day Sir

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known to be sketchy in my recent past
Foot on the pedal
Red lights flash
Been caught by the black white 7 times
Keep it quiet keep it polite
Not havin luck with the dmv though
never showed up to check the dealio
Almost been jailed a number of times
But I got away
payed those fines

Failure to appear in court
I changed that to my middle name
always gettin notes in the mail
I forget about em or I throw em away
Not a good habit I don't recommend it
I got fucked over license suspended
Payed those fines and now I'm broke
I think I learned my lesson but you never know

Movin down south on interstate 10
Suns goin down and I'm speedin again
Happy go lucky soon turns to dust
as the red lights flash to make the bust
Big boots closing in real fast
Here comes the question its gonna be a blast
How fast do really think you were goin ?
Yellow slip's mine and I keep on drivin /

I used to be good with cops
Convincing smile
relatable topics
I kinda know how it works
Pull to the side and work some magic
You can't always get away free though
Sometimes you just get the shortest stick
So many traits that I can't pick
Man this guys skull is thick

"Gotta thick skull! Gotta thick skull gotta thick skull!

Sorry about my speed back there
Its new car and I'm getting used to its pedal
Headed to a show a state away
I hope Im on time I'm sorry to say

What kinda music do ya play son?
I play country sir and I'm proud to say
that it's the only kinda tune I listen to
I listen to Buck Owens everyday

Well now you've admitted your wrongs
so I think I'll let you pass
You seem like a great guy
Polite mile and a great ass
Have a good day son

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