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Tech N9ne


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Tis is all so serious
Come, Holy Spirit
Stay with me always
Somehow my true love
The tears on my face

Now-now-now-now people cussing and bussing
They get nothing but in the ground when they blown out
Oh wow, tell me how he got the stubborn, he tough and
He was young with a grown mouth
Zoned out cause my mother is gone, how
Simply would he send me with the alone route
Going out, to the studio hitting the Don Julio
My duty go if I'm moody yo, get up and get the song out
My angel fades, then came more rage

And even though Strange still pays
Something inside of me saying it ain't yo days
My religion, walking away
My prediction, lost in the gray
I'm thinkin' the holy spirit don't really wanna hear it
So people who givin' me evil, they all finna pay

Anybody really want it, I'm a get dirty
When a demon is my opponent
Feeling froggy any moment, know you will
Never be the owner because I'm on it
Losing mama, really did it, demons really gonna get it
I'm looking for the light, I'm asking you open
And losing all of my inner good and the hope with it

Lacrimosa (Inside I'm weeping)
Tis is all so serious (Constantly seeking)
Come Holy Spirit
Stay with me always
Somehow my true love
The tears on my face
I don't wanna hear no punk say 'Weirdo'

If you ain't in my circle, then you're not even near, bro
Here go the fear though, getting Makzilla
And my killas in the villa to make a racket in your ear go
That is severe mode, bodies I'm not even with the jolly
My tears go down-my-face, yeah
But I'm switching the gears, yo

Got on the plane to Colorado, I go to hit the Summer Jam
Then momma tomorrow
Thinking the Lord will give me time while I'm in 'Vado
To say I love her before the Bible go hollow
My show was sorrow, needed a little bit of mo' time to borrow
(My-time's- up)

Man, steady talking to God, so I don't - get it
Thought I was special enough for God to be with it
By giving me another day with my mother, but I missed it
But rocking with Denver said in her name, I'm a rip this
This ain't no way to be, hella jaded, see, but I'm created
My mother left me, but her death ain't okay with me
Still I'm praying for her spirit to stay with me

Lacrimosa (Outside I'm weeping)
Tis is all so serious (Still I am seeking)
Come, Holy Spirit
Stay with me always
When you interview me
I don't wanna talk about this
I don't denounce God in any way
I just feel my mother's suffering
Was too great for how much she worshipped

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