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Story Untold

Delete (Acoustic)

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I think I gotta leave town
Drive on through the night
Called you from a stranger’s phone
Just trying to make it right
I wish I was somewhere else
Wish I knew what to say
I could give you so much, girl
But you gave it away

You and me were like the stars
We were lighting up the dark
One minute you were in it, the next you were gone
I don’t really get it
Where did it go wrong?

Oh, we used to feel the same
Now we’re breaking like the waves in California
Everything we had just feels like a dream
Now you are just a photo on my iPhone screen
And I don’t wanna hit delete

Lying in a motel
Halfway to the coast
Running from the city lights
As far as I could go
I wish you were here with me
I wish you would call
Now I only see you in my feed
Never on my wall

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