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Life Support


ouvir : conectando
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six days of work and on the seventh he rests
of course - god is a man, only a man would do this
of course - ‘’he’’ ‘’created’’ ‘’women’’ for ‘’man’’ himself
for: kids, and a rib. and for nothing else.
of course - ‘’mary’’ is a virgin, that’s what we say
we ‘’love’’ when it never really was that way
of course - soddom and Gomorrah is going to ‘’hell’’
we can’t even start to understand ourselves
of course - we’re going to war over love itself...
of course - ‘’god’’ is a bullet flying low overhead
of course - our enemies just don’t know god...
of course - that’s the reason that we’re going to war...
but people remember jesus and mother teresa
and bob marley lives instead of the preacher
you look in your heart, you can see the secret that
we needed love to live, so we’re on life support.
it’s just life support, it’s only life support...

the president is on a mission of war
forgetting any of the reasons that we needed him for, and
the priests and the shieks and the czars and the rabbis,
smile bright while we close the door, but
jesus wasn’t a ‘’christian’’
mohammed wasn’t a ‘’muslim,’’ and
all we take is whatever it is we want from the news
as they interview showing islam, and we say
‘’killing in the name of god is so fucking wrong.’’
but then we kill for the oil and bury the teachers
love what we’re taught to love by the preachers, and
we seen it so much we fucking bought the t-shirt, and
‘’we know we’re right, so we don’t do no research.’’
stop it, we should just goddamn drop it:
two thousand years of the same old hypocrisy is all I see
when all I need is love and peace
so I’m on life support, it’s just life support...

we teach competition and to beat them all
we teach accumulation, but what’s in your heart
is love and compassion for all your kin -
every single movie ends you see the good guys win
every indescribable song that you feel in your heart
stronger than accumulation is compassion and love
hard wired down to the core we are
hard wired down to the cornea
we teach accumulation like it’s what we want
when children grow up I see them acting just like us
but our vision is a glitch and it’s a fault to us
we never listen to our hearts, it’s just the thoughts we trust.
but if you listen to your soul, you start to see it around,
the weakest part of us, that’s the strongest part right now...
and it’s a testament to both testaments:
never say you’re fixing it, just to make it lesser than...

like life support


Gravadora: ATO Records
Faixa: 7

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