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Nah' I don't usually smoke, but the night feel right
And I don't usually drink, but the lights so bright
But I'm scared of too much, but that'll light this place
She said "You can get it", so you know the right price
Lotta' time babygirl, could be somebody you love
They're really tryna' move slow, she told me "Nah', I don't rush"
I threw them dollar in the air, but I know I can't touch
I let 'em know champagne, I'm ashamed of the the thing that we know is lust, but I need it by tonight
Bottles, it rainin' so slowly
But it doesn't matter, I'm in too deep, and I know

I come this far, I can't fuckin' complain
I get the seats with the desk on the plane
Parts of my past I'm not proud to admit
So I will confess, there's no truth in the name
Nigga I'm King Kong to these Snow Whites
These eyes can adjust really good in the low lights
I been around 'em my whole life
Thank Jesus, a nigga never turned to a low life
Still fuckin' holy, drugs in the crown moldin'
Still feelin' like I'm Pac when I'm rollin'
Money is the motive, gotta' tell them what the mode is
Hopin' I can stay alive in the moment
Still got my mind made up
You don't wanna' see the fuck I'm made of
Boy you better mind your behavior
This is the beginnin', only lookin' at the beta
Never settled down, nigga never go slow
Ride or die nigga, need my own GoPro
Gotta' feed the fam', this is all I know
Love for my niggas, these are all my bros
And all I fuckin' know is the risk
Ain't' talkin' money, then they don't exist
My intuition is follow the vision
First you caught a wave, but then you went adrift
And I came from the dirt, but I'm oh so vain
Started from the block but I'm on Kobain
I do not say this shit just for display
I pray you don't give me reasons to pray
And a nigga know better baby, I’m a rider
Too late now they can't save us
Ain't' never felt nothing liver
Just the way that the dream made us

Bottles, it rainin' so slowly
But it doesn't matter, I'm in too deep, and I know


Gravadora: Godd Complexx/Hitco
Faixa: 1

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