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holy calamafuck

Run The Jewels

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All them-a talk, them beat back them words
All them-a talk, them beat back them words
All them-a talk, them beat back them words
All— All— A— All— All— A—
All them-a talk, them beat back them words
All them-a talk, them beat back them words (Yo, yeah)
All them-a talk, them beat back them words (Yo, yeah)
All— All— All— All—

The law defier, the non-complier, the death defier
The Mike Myers, murder rapper for hire
Doer of drive byers, the back-back, clack-clack
Let it loose, murder all witnesses and survivors
That's a job completer, dependable contractor
The backhand wack rap slapper
Mr. Leather Bomber Taker, catch ya getting off the escalator
Run the Jewels smooth and don't trigger the undertaker
Ayy, as a teen lackin', I woulda ran me a supreme racket
I woulda took these lames' Supreme jackets
Until you rob a hypebeast, you ain't seen sadness
"Clockwork Orange" madness, left the scene laughin'

Ayy, we forever-ever, Jaimito y Michael de Render (Mhm)
The pyrotechnicrats, the ol' razzle dazzlers
The magic bean imbibers (Yes)
The green giant of the rhyme contrivers (Yes)
Supreme violence of the time describers (Yes)
I'm the decider, you evil eyers
A pile driver provider for liars, the sleep depriver
The nick of time mercy kill denier in prime
I'll kill the mood, I'm a Buddhist MacGyver
I'll slap a yapper from the acne to the tooth bone fiber, I'm liver
Thought crime designer, criminal minder
And I'm a born and bred in USA who chop and screw truth up
Think I got a case of the Mondays, on (Fire!)


Ayo, one for mayhem, two for mischief
Now aim for the drones in your zoning district (Woo)
Hindenburg 'em (Woo), get 'em, burn 'em (Woo)
Can't give the ghost up, no resistance
Pass the shit, Mike, I have to insist it
Reality sucks dick, how's that for wisdom? (Great)
Lick the toad's back like, "Mm, delicious"
The time elves waved to me off in the distance (Hello?)
Hey lil' guy, I'm just walkin' through
From another timeline where monsters eat truth
Physicists say the dough I get's proof
The multiverse lives, I'm supposed to just lose
The glass bottom tank I drive is all fueled
Gotta try to stay cool, honey bunny, don't move
Fuck shit glows in the hearts of the brutes
You hate Run The Jewels, you don't love the troops
Miss the point tryna act like shit's cool
Don't fuckin' tell doom your number's not due (Ayy)
Every other goddamned year I'm brand new
It's been 20 plus years, you think that's a clue? (Huh?)
Maybe this guy kinda kill what he do
He's prolly that dude, he left enough proof
Plenty of these goofs disappeared, poof
He's still the next big thing, gotta hurt, oof

I got more fire!
More fire! (Li-li-li-lights, lights!)
More fire!
More fire! (Li-li-li-lights!), I got—

Ditch the payback, allow me to state that
All that forth-back, we don't play that
You want beef, bruh? You just state that
And we steak that, fry and bake that
One time in the big ol' south
Lived a lil' chubby kid with a big ol' mouth
Lame writers gave him big ol' doubts
Now the same lil' boy in a big ol' house
Look at him now, he in the big ol' cars
And the same folk hated pay big homage (Ayy)
One minute, let me be candid
Used to stand by the garbage can hand to hand
And that dumb trap shit, no proper planning
Seen ignorant shit like geekers dancing
And rappers rap about it like it's so romantic
But I still can't seem to escape the panic
PTSD, streets did the damage
Kept me in hammock, laid back with cannons
Get me fucked up, it be's calamity
I'ma come through and leave some damage
Goddamn, somebody call amber-lamp
Or ambulances, it's out of chances
It's fuck that weak shit you be bantering
You're a common cold and my flows are cancerous

I got more fire!
More fire! (Li-li-li-lights, lights!)
More fire!
¡Más fuego! (Li-li-li-lights!), I got—

Take that, mugger, mother—


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