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Sho Me Love (feat. Juvenile)

Rich Gang

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[Intro: Birdman]
Rich Gang!
Rich girl
We got London on da Track

[Pre-Hook: Drake]
I show love, I show love
I-I show love, I show love
I-I show love, I show love
I-I show love, I show love
Yeah, yeah

[Hook: Juvenile & Drake]
My people tell me they love me
Showing up in my shows
Man, I'm still down and I'm thuggin'
And everyone of y'all knows
I show love, I show love, yeah
I show love, I show love, yeah, yeah
(Rich Gang)
Still down for my niggas
Still down with my bitches
Wanna drink somethin', wanna smoke somethin'
Wanna turn up then I'm witcha
I show love, I show love, yeah
I show love, I show love, yeah, yeah
(Rich girl)

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
I show love to my dogs, my dogs is all that I got
Cause where the fuck would I be
If it wouldn't have been for my block?
Standing up in the hall, I got my first experience with rocks
Then on came them laws and almost everyone done got knocked
It still feel like yesterday when Magnolia Slim got shot
I don't know why they got 'em though
Cause that ain't the way that he rock
I told Ms. Linda "I got you baby, my heart is yours til it stops"
I do this cause I got real love, I don't do this shit to get props
Hurricanes, it took everything, but there's money still to be got
I'm staying here and I ain't never leaving, I'mma live in here 'til I rot
Haters always gon' talk about you, ain't will never make it on top
Quick to tell you they real with it
And that's everything that they not

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
Slim and Baby that's my uncles
Man, I'm glad they brought me back
And Lil Weezy that's my brother
Fuck with him you gon' get whacked
GTV inside my cup and I got Trukfit on my hat
Screaming "Free BG" I wish he was here now to blow this sack
Turk and Mannie I got love if we don't ever make a track
Yeah, they tore down the Magnolia but this where my heart is at
All my homies, bitch, we ballin', no more roaches, no more rats
Taking pictures with the hoes and poppin' bottles of the 'gnac
I hug all of these females, I greet my niggas with daps
I holla at my old timers, I like the way they react
I don't care what set you claim, there's love here so relax
Reaching out to my family to spend holy time in these traps

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook]


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