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The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke (Live At The Rainbow, London - March 1974)

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He's a fairy feller
The fairy folk have gathered round the new moon shine
To see the feller crack a nut at nights noon time
To swing his ace he swears, as it climbs he dares
To deliver...
The master-stroke

Ploughman, "waggoner will", and types
Politician with senatorial pope - he's a dilly-dally-o
Pedagogue squinting, wears a frown
And a satyr peers under lady's gown, dirty fellow
What a dirty laddio
Tatterdemalion and a junketer
There's a thief and a dragonfly trumpeter - he's my hero
Fairy dandy tickling the fancy of his lady friend
The nymph in yellow "can we see the master-stroke"
What a quaere fellow

Soldier, sailor, tinker, tailor, ploughboy
Waiting to hear the sound
And the arch-magician presides
He is the leader
Oberon and titania watched by a harridan
Mab is the queen and there's a good apothecary-man
Come to say hello
Fairy dandy tickling the fancy of his lady friend
The nymph in yellow
What a quaere fellow
The ostler stares with hands on his knees
Come on mr. feller, crack it open if you please

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