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Set Him Up (feat. Ari Lennox)

Queen Naija

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Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ah, ha, ooh, ooh, woah, ooh
Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh

Girl, I feel a way, need some Chardonnay
Just got my hair pressed after I see him, Goldmember Beyoncé
Ooh, I thought it was just me (I thought it was just me)
He came and laid the D (He came and laid the D)
The nigga turned me out (Out)
When he went down South, I had to change my sheets
Ooh, your man must be nasty (Nasty), just like mine
Love his dark brown eyes, and he packs nice
Hmm, sounds about right but what's your plans tonight?

Anything and everything (Quick as ever)
Daddy wanna do to me (Oh yeah)
Anything and everything
Daddy wanna do to me (Ever)
Lovin' when he sexin' me
Said anything and everything
Ah-ha, ah-ah-ha (Girl, let me tell you what he did)

He grabbed me by my waist, threw my panties on the floor
He ate it like a cake then we broke the headboard
Love the way he smell when he wear that Tom Ford
Hit it so good, had me beggin' for some more
Ooh-ooh, ooh girl, I know how you feel
My man wear the same scent
Told him it's my favorite
He just got a new whip too, G Wag' like blue
And we made love in it 'til the sun came through
Wait, was there letters on his plate? (What?)
Do it start with L and end with an H?
Yeah, I think it do, girl, what you tryna say?
You might be confused, might've seen him 'round the way
Do he got a tat' on his neck that say "The realest"?
Do he got a room with a mirror on the ceiling?
Do he got an ex out West he used to deal with? (What?)
Girl, if your nigga, is my nigga, I'ma kill him now, ooh, ooh

I'm doing anything and everything
To him if he fuckin' with you, ooh
And he fuckin' with me too, ooh
I'm doing anything and everything (Better not be fuckin' with you)
To him if he fuckin' with you, ooh
Tell me girl, what we gon' do?
Oh, oh

Hey girl, I got an idea
What if I call and told him, "Meet me somewhere?"
Yeah, I could roll up with you in those tinted backseats
And tell him, "Get inside" then surprise it's me
Hmm, wait, I'ma ask him if he ate
Yeah, that's a little better, take him to his favorite place
Then when his food is ready, I'ma have you bring the plate
Ooh, girl, I cannot wait to see the look upon his face, yeah

Yeah, we 'bout to set him, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up
We 'bout to set him, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up, yeah, yeah
We 'bout to set him up


Gravadora: Capitol Records
Faixa: 1

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